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Asphalt Hot Box Hire and Sales

Cost-effective road repairs are now a reality.

Our roadway re-instatement and pothole patching equipment is ideally suited for Councils, Contractors and Utility Companies in the UK and Ireland.

What makes our Oletto Hot Boxes unbeatable for road maintenance? Here are just a few reasons:

  • Great design features for increased productivity
  • Thermo-efficient heating and insulation keeps the asphalt hot for as long as it's needed – saves time and waste
  • Reduced, or zero wastage = more patches per load and cuts reprocessing, or recycling costs
  • Optimum asphalt delivery conditions means longer lasting repairs and saves money
  • Hydraulic loading doors make it fast, easy and safe for one-man operation
  • Hydraulic, heated auger ensures precise control of asphalt delivery
  • Robust construction for reliability

Call us now on 01555 664815 to find out the benefits of Hot Box Hire for your particular requirements.

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For information and brochures on our wide range of Oletto Asphalt Hot Boxes call B & B Contracts on 01555 664815, or send us an email.


Hot Box Refurbishment Service
Also Available – ask for details.

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